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Dear Valiant Salesperson,

You prepare for every meeting, sales pitch and opportunity as if it were the superbowl. You glow with pride when you describe your products, services and features. You know your customers and clients like the back of your hand and they love you like family. This is you at your best.

But the deck is stacked against you. You are missing the technology and organization you need to win the sales race that means so much to you. But what if you had the platform to match your sales acumen and gusto? What if you could sell at the highest level without having to sacrifice your energy and work-life balance in the process?

It is time for a sales technology that works as hard and fast as you. Pattern is bringing back the human element of sales by training machines to do the the grunt work so your interpersonal skills can shine. Our philosophy is simple: we believe relationships are everything and the details do matter. It’s what separates the fine from the fulfilled, the good from the great.

Relationships are everything

From family, to prospects, to dear friends, relationships keep us going. At Pattern, we believe we have the best damn team out there. Our relationships have been tested and strengthened by working together in the trenches over the past 5 years. In the tough times, we’ve found brilliance, grit, and laughter in our team to get us through. When the odds seem insurmountable, it’s our teammates who keep us going.

Sales is no exception. Relationships underpin every opportunity. The pitch decks, white-papers and emails are all just here to reassure the customer that we’re here to help. Building enduring trust is truly what makes every sale so satisfying.

Do the small things really, really, really well

Whether showing up for team meetings, responding to customer feedback or washing dishes in the company sink, we take pride in the mechanics of greatness. We have the pattern recognition to understand that winning is made up of habits formed by a series of small, thoughtful, actions over time.

We have an important opportunity to help our users be their best selves

With this mindset we obsess over our user experience as meticulously as you write that follow-up email. We’re as precise in how we store and process user data as you are in planning your weekly schedule. We’re addicted to every feature request because when our users win, we win.

The road ahead

We started Pattern with a rockstar team with unique insights to share with the world and a transcendent vision for how things can be better.

We created Pattern for salespeople like you; the ones who persevere, despite soul-crushing busy work, to beat quota and serve your clients month after month.

With Pattern we hope to bring back the human element to sales, to train machines to do the work, and to usher in a new way to win — a way that is thoughtfully designed and beautifully intelligent.

Keep us company on this journey and remind us why we’re here. It’s going to be an amazing ride.

Your Friends @Pattern

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